As one of the few EMA offers a variety of solutions to meet your business needs. We partner with technology industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft, Lawson, Lexmark, Optimum Solutions, Inovis, Infor, FormSprint, and Kronos to bring you the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology.

EMA’s Hardware Solutions include:

Lenovo Workstations – Gain access to a variety of affordable, quality workstations via our strong partnership with Lonovo.

Lenovo Servers – Built for growing SMB business needs to enterprise-grade workloads, Lenovo’s rack and tower servers are built to meet business-critical demands while optimizing budgets.

IBM eServer x Series – Complete with technology that increases performance per watt, IBM System x servers help companies control and budget power usage. With built-in cloud technologies, IBM System x has the ability to increase server performance and utilization while simultaneously decreasing the number of physical assets a company needs to manage.

IBM iSeries – As one of the only local IBM Business Partners in Alaska with an iSeries specialty, our specialists are equipped to offer IBM’s latest line of servers. As an all-in-one platform equipped with built-in security, iSeries is revolutionizing the IT environments of SMBs and enterprises alike by minimizing costs and risks.

EMA’s Software Solutions include:

Forms Design and Generation – FormSprint is a forms and document management software that replaces preprinted forms; such as invoices, checks, purchase orders, W2s and 1099s with laser-generated forms on plain paper. This eliminates the need for custom program modifications, saving time and money, and simplifying program maintenance.

Enterprise Business Solutions – Through our partnership with Infor, EMA can offer a variety of enterprise business solutions, including: Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, and Financial Management Systems.

Lawson Solutions – EMA has partnered with Lawson, a company that provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service industries. Over 4,000 customers use Lawson software throughout the world.

High Availability Systems – High Availability (HA) Systems are essential in today’s fast-moving marketplace. Eliminate downtime and ensure Business Continuity to ensure the continued productivity of your workers.

Payroll, HR, and, Application Tracking – Our solid partnership with Optimum Solutions allows us to provide a variety of world-class payroll, HR, and time/attendance applications to businesses of all sizes and needs.

Electronic Data Interchange – Inovis, another EMA partner, offers state-of-the-art data interchange solutions, including data synchronization, data exchange, and EDI Transactions.