Since 1979, Educational Management Associates (EMA), Inc. has been providing a variety of quality services to businesses, medical groups, governmental agencies, school districts, and cities throughout Alaska and the Western United States. As technology and business needs continue to evolve, we help clients shape their IT environments to meet the new business requirements of an ever-changing marketplace.

At EMA, our goal has always been to provide the best service possible to clients while fulfilling current and future needs in a cost-effective way. Since EMA clients represent a wide diversity of businesses, we offer a wide diversity of services to meet the most specific and unique business necessities.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement has been our greatest guide to developing a prosperous business, and is as appropriate today as it was in 1979. We aim to:

  • Establish long term relationships with our clients and to keep them abreast of evolutions in the IT industry.
  • Provide expertise and direction in a continuing effort to meet the demanding concerns and complex needs of client IT infrastructures.

Maintain our reputation of competency and professionalism in all facets of computer services.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

EMA employs a service support team of professionals across Alaska and the Western U.S. that is certified to support all of the products we offer by telephone or on-site. We believe that supplying robust technology and computer solutions isn’t enough to deliver ideal IT systems and solutions. To ensure that companies reap the most rewards from their technology investments, EMA offers any training, support, or maintenance that our clients may need to maximize efficiency and performance. You can rely on us to back our products with the extended service and hands-on-training your business needs to stay competitive in today’s changing marketplace.

Corporate Address:
1225 E. Int’l Airport Rd., Suite 200 Anchorage, Alaska 99518

Phone: (907) 349-1415

Fax: (907) 349-9319